Weight Watchers Weight Loss

Just one…this week.

I’ll take it though.  This week was much more stressful than last week, so I am thankful for that one pound loss.  I did have a glass of wine twice this week, and we celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday Friday (day before weigh in) and I had a slice of birthday cake.  On the positive side I tracked EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY, including the wine, and cake.  PLUS I only have one more pound to lose before I am two pounds above my Weight Watchers goal weight, which means I will be FREE again!  I am still above my personal goal weight, but that will come.

This week at the meeting I did buy an ActiveLink.  I am on day one of the assessment today, so stay tuned to see how the ActiveLink affects my weight loss/maintenance.  The $39.95 cost bothered me more than the $5 monthly fee.  Hopefully it will create some change in me.

My mom is still struggling with her health, but God is good, He keeps giving us the strength we need to care for her.  I have faith He will see us through, I feel times are just going to get tougher as the year progresses.

Down two..

Had a great week, well it ended well. D was sick most of this week, took him to he doctor Monday, he said it was a virus. When he was still running a fever on Wednesday, I took him back to urgent care and they gave him an antibiotic. I stayed home with him on Thursday, and he was easy to go back to school on Friday.

I have not gotten on track with my bible reading, I REALLY want to start reading daily, but haven’t gotten the hang of working it into my morning routine yet. I will… It is on my heart, I know I will keep trying.

Weight watchers was great, I weighed in this morning and was 149.4, down two pounds! WHOO HOO!


I stayed for the meeting, it felt really good to be back. I also noticed that being back in control really helped my mood this week. It felt good to be back on track.

I noted a few things I’ve done this week that were positive, and helped.

- Pre-planed on Sunday all meals.
– Pre-tracked on Sunday for the week.
– Pre packed all meals and snacks for work the night before.

On a side note, I went to Macy’s to try on and possibly buy some Miss Me jeans. I tried on probably 10 pairs, the 29’s were still to tight, and the 30’s were a little big. I didn’t end up getting any, I just couldn’t get them knowing that I don’t plan on staying this size.

Have a great week!

The Tale of The “Miss Me” Jeans

When I first joined Weight Watchers, November 2011 I joined so I wouldn’t gain any more weight during the holidays. I started with Weight Watchers Online, I weighed 160. I found out if I attended meetings once I reached my goal weight, I could attend meetings for FREE! When I began attending meetings I weighed 155. I received a lot of great ideas and continued to lose, little by little getting closer to my goal weight of 145. At one of the meetings we talked about having a tangible reminder of our success. Mine was a pair of Miss Me Jeans.

I continued to attend meetings, and by March 2012 I was a Lifetime Member.  However I didn’t get the jeans.  Time went on, and I NEVER got the jeans.  I NEVER got the jeans! I was incredibly fortunate and my lowest weight was 138 and I was never rewarded.

Now here we are 2014, I am 151.5 as of this morning weigh in at home I am just a smidgen below where I was back in 2011. I had a horribly stressful 2013 and gain almost all of my weight back. I am ready to jump back on the Weight Watcher train and get back down to my goal weight. I did it before, I can do it again! Right?

I am hoping to have some accountability with this blog, and to go back to meetings. That should help me meet my goals.

How I spent my Christmas Vacation, otherwise known as flu & cold season…

Tis the season for colds and the flu…

I was so excited to be out of school for two weeks, so completely ready for a vacation, even a “stay-cation” in our new home.  My hubby’s vacation coordinating with mine, by him taking the final week of the year off to spend with us. But no, my world was contaminated by the germs of cold & flu season.

It started with my mom, catching a cold & feeling miserable, trickled into postponing our Christmas Eve family gathering to New Years Day.  My hubby then caught a cold/flu the Saturday before his vacation and was under the weather the entire week.  New Years eve was spent with the family toasting 2014 with “Emergen-C”.  D came up next with a sore throat, fever & chills on Thursday.

Hopefully whatever this is, is on its way out.  One more day of vacation, lets make it worth it!  :)

2013…Year In Review

Since we signed the contract to have a house built November, 2012 we moved in with my mom in January, right after the new year.

Moving Day

Moving Day

Around the middle of January my mom was admitted to the hospital with congested heart failure. The day she was due to be discharged she slipped in the shower while a CNA was outside the bathroom, breaking her hip. She had surgery that day replacing her hip. She stayed for a few days then was transferred to a skilled nursing facility for almost four weeks. During that time M moved out with J. I was hurt because they didn’t move out on their own, but with his mom.

D turned 12 in February.

In March we finally broke ground!

March, 2013

March, 2013

Easter was at Grandma’s and my mom’s. It was, as always wonderful. We have been blessed with a fantastic family!

In June D graduated from 6th grade, there was no ceremony, but he was very excited to start junior high. We went on vacation for a few days in Huntington Beach, we’ve never been before. I think we would go again, it was very different than the central coast. On the way home, we drove through Beverly Hills, the kids took pictures next to a Bugatti on Rodeo Drive.

Before I went back to work hubby took me out of town shopping at The Grove. The only movie star we saw was Mario Lopez, but he is there everyday filming a talk show. In July mom was admitted to SJCH again. 4th of July was at my moms with my family. Hubby bbq and we did fireworks in backyard. I was thankful to have them to come home to. hubby makes everything easier, just knowing he is there makes my heart melt with gratitude.

August came around and before I knew it, I was back to work, kids back to school.

My mom went back to the hospital for a short time, again for congestive heart failure.

September was our anniversary, hubby got us a beautiful suite in town, and we had a wonderful night.

October we finally got the keys to our house!



My mom was hospitalized again, this time for colitis.  When she was discharged, she went to stay at a skilled nursing facility, she didn’t feel strong enough to go home alone.  She remained there until she had difficulty breathing and was taken by ambulance and put on a ventilator.  Her doctors then agreed that dialysis was a good option.

November my sisters and I started training for peritoneal dialysis to be administered at home.  It was an eight day process.  Towards the end of training, D broke his arm at school.  Sigh…

C turned 14 in November.  My mom was home for Thanksgiving, thanks to the dialysis.

December M turned 21, my mom had a bad cold and Christmas eve was spent at home, the family get together was postponed until New Years Day.  So we made pizza and spent it with our boys.

I am SO ready for 2014! I pray for a Blessed year, I pray The Lord be with me and my family, and bless my family and friends.