How I spent my Christmas Vacation, otherwise known as flu & cold season…

Tis the season for colds and the flu…

I was so excited to be out of school for two weeks, so completely ready for a vacation, even a “stay-cation” in our new home.  My hubby’s vacation coordinating with mine, by him taking the final week of the year off to spend with us. But no, my world was contaminated by the germs of cold & flu season.

It started with my mom, catching a cold & feeling miserable, trickled into postponing our Christmas Eve family gathering to New Years Day.  My hubby then caught a cold/flu the Saturday before his vacation and was under the weather the entire week.  New Years eve was spent with the family toasting 2014 with “Emergen-C”.  D came up next with a sore throat, fever & chills on Thursday.

Hopefully whatever this is, is on its way out.  One more day of vacation, lets make it worth it!  :)

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